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Poacher turned gamekeeper - TFS online intelligence portal goes live with Garage Watch

The TFS online intelligence portal goes live with Garage Watch - the leading monthly magazine for over 6,000 independent forecourts across the UK.

For a full editorial review by Garage Watch editor Mark Bradshaw, please click here

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"Let's get physical?" - Is there ever a place for physical intervention within the retail security sector?


Your assistance with this PhD research, sponsored by The University of Portsmouth, is greatly appreciated and the information you provide will significantly aid my final thesis. The overall aim of the research is to explore the value of physical intervention (PI) within the retail security sector as a means of protecting employees, customers and retail property and goods.

To participate in the online questionnaire please send Ian Kirke your e-mail address ().

All respondents will receive a free electronic copy of the final piece of research (circa late 2013 / early 2014).










New programme

Retail Security Officers Course



Open Events - Leicester

Tiger Kidnap (one-day event) 11th July

Key learning outcomes:

  • The history of this contemporary phenomenon
  • Analysis of the domestic and international scene
  • Corporate Governance - What the law requires organisations to do
  • Real-time table top exercise
  • Q&A session with a serving senior Police Detective Superintendant and active Silver Commander


Personal Safety (one-day event) 19th July

Key learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the key elements of risk analysis
  • Recognise and manage the disorientation associated with confrontation
  • Demonstrate safe working practices to improve personal safety
  • Identify and apply an effective model of conflict resolution
  • State the legislation which will assist in protecting your staff and dealing with offenders


Investigative Interviewing (two-day event)

14th & 15th August

Key learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to collect, evaluate and test the credibility of all allegations made against members of staff including, fraud, harassment, malpractice, bullying and accusations of a sexual nature.
  • Know how to gather enough intelligence to conduct a face to face interview
  • Techniques to effectively handle liars, those who say little or nothing at all and even those that tell the truth

Fully compliant with the Police interviewing model (PEACE), the ACAS codes of practise and The Employment Act 2008.


To reserve a place please e-mail sales@tfsuccess.com



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