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Violence in the Workplace … Robbery Prevention

The exchange of cash and valuables for service provision is an essential part of everyday business.

Cash handling facilities remain a constant target for both opportunist and professional criminals. Attacks on staff are very often sudden and violent.

Although many organisations have detailed policy on how staff should deal with such events often this well meaning advice fails to be translated into everyday working practices.

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cid:image003.png@01CC6A2D.6F856EF0"they are professional, they are good and they are quality"

John Wilson, Operations Training Manager, Securicor Cash Services


TFS & Waitrose have joined forces to support a number of charities including Berkshire Cancer Centre (Royal Berks), The Friday Night Project & Thames Valley Headway by providing free training sessions on Keeping safe outside of work

Lively demonstrations coupled with active discussion will address -

Street safety especially when travelling alone and late at night;

Common diversionary / scams utilised by criminals;

Vehicle security.


It's all in the head! Heightening performance and lowering stress levels

The pressures on managers in today’s current climate can be colossal. The link between stress, performance and health is widely accepted although long-term issues such as Diabetes are now being linked to an individual’s ability to manage bouts of anxiety and tension.

An interactive and imaginative taster event has been developed by our own principle coach Chris Gibson where the techniques have been utilised in some of the toughest challenges within the international film industry.

Amongst others Hollywood stuntman Kai Martin who has starred in X-Men, The Bourne Ultimatum, Harry Potter, Captain America, Quantum of Solace  and Robin Hood  has been supported by the coaching programme that has now been made commercially available.

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TFS are delighted to announce their sponsorship of the World’s oldest football league club during their 150th anniversary year.

Notts County Commercial & Marketing Director, Mark Devlin, said of the initiative: "In these tough times for many football clubs, it is a superb achievement for any club to reach its 150th year.

"Being the World's Oldest Football League Club is something that our fans, quite rightly, can be really proud of and it is a piece of history that The Football League and the City of Nottingham can also be very gratified about.”

"We wanted to give local companies, including National and International Brands based locally, the opportunity to join the celebration and be the home shirt sponsor in the season that will see the club enter our 150th year," he added.

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